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A company specialized in functional solutions for distributors and manufacturers of office furniture.

We offer high-quality metal office containers,as well as innovative drawer systems for manufacturers of furniture and organization of office space. We are present for several years in various European countries including Poland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and currently we are looking for strategic partners in Canada and USA.

Our products are utalized by some of the largest European producers of office furniture, in addition to small and medium-sized companies specialized in production and sales.

For furniture distributors we offer diverse lines of office filing cabinets, deliver highest European quality and design. Due to strategic line of products we are able to respond to the needs of each target audience.

For manufacturers we have a dedicated range of ready-made systems  for drawers  and fabrication of frames of filing cabinets and other office furniture. We are constantly amplifying our line of products to meet the requirements of partners across Europe. Our goal is to is to provide the highest quality products to customers throughout North America and Europe. Similarly to business operations, we believe that office furniture should be of a highest standard and its determinant do not have a price tag.

All our products have been designed and manufactured in Europe by utilizing innovative technical solutions that guarantee the highest quality and functionality. We are distinguished by by professionalism, delivery and high flexibility as per the collaboration with our clients. 

Our production is carried out in accordance to international standards such as ISO 9001: 2008. At the same time the poducts are certified under various European standards such as TÜV Süd czy CATAS.